Wireless earphones with built-in heart rate monitor to supercharge your exercise

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Jabra Sport Pulse Review – There are many Bluetooth, wireless earphones available in the market to empower your exercise. They offer different colors, sweat-resistant cables, and other exciting features. However, none of them has what Jabra Sport Pulse offers. A built-in heartbeat sensor in one of the ear buds.

That’s right. These earphones have a heartbeat sensor within, and also an accurate one. When I reviewed the Magellan Echo sportswatch, I needed to wear a strap on the chest. It’s kind of uncomfortable and takes a bit of a hassle to wear, which is kind of a nuisance. The Jabra Sport Pulse offers a more seamless experience so you can just focus on listening to music and keeping track of your exercise level.

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At a glance, it looks just like any ordinary wireless earphones. The mixture of black and striking yellow is fashionable and lovable at first sight. It’s stylish, yet functional while you do your exercises. Wear a mixture of Black and Yellow pants (like the actors on their videos), and you’ll look even more mesmerising.

The packaging comes with a really nice case and should fit nicely in your gym bag or travel case.

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It also includes ear buds and wings of different sizes to ensure that you get a perfect fit.

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Getting the perfect fit is really important to ensure the accuracy of the heartbeat sensor but also in my experience, to get the best sound isolation. I do find that no matter what size I use, it’s really hard to get full noise isolation though. As a result, the music doesn’t really sound great, though this might be done purposely to ensure your safety on the road. Clips (also with different colors and types) are included as well if you want to, but it’s purely optional.

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In order to fully utilise the product, you need to download the Jabra Sports Life app which is available for free in iOS App Store or Android’s Google Play. The app will be used to set things up, but also being the main core app for your exercise. Connection is made via Bluetooth, but it also supports NFC (cool, eh?).

Within the Jabra Sports Life app, you can monitor your current heart rate (and how unfit I am), check the remaining battery life on your Sports Pulse, set an activity to do (or create your own), and also set goals (distance, time, calories burned).

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A handy one is to set a “Zone Training” where you can set a specific zone for your heart like “Cardio” or “FatBurn”. Most of these are customisable to your own needs. Once the app measures your fitness level, it can also tailor the right exercise levels for you. I think this is a really cool concept because every person’s fitness level is different at a specific moment in time. With the included heartbeat sensor, the app can ensure each workout will work uniquely to you to achieve your goal.

While you exercise, there will occasionally be a voice guidance to tell you how you’re doing. You may be asked to speed up if you want to achieve a specific target, for example.  Pressing the Sports button will also give you an update about your exercise (distance traveled, your current heart beat rate, etc).

You can also set the music source within the app (like Spotify, etc). I’m using Telstra’s MOG streaming service and it works well with Jabra Sports Pulse. When I start my exercise (by pressing Start in the app or using the Sports button on the left ear bud), it auto plays again from the same music source. Handy.

Jabra Sport Pulse can also be used for calls and there are controls to adjust volume, to play/pause/repeat/skip a track, and to fire Siri away.

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The 4.5 hours battery life is not the best, so it’s probably not going to be your main earphones for music listening. The sound quality is not impressive as well, considering the prize. It’s just okay to listen and the Bass is almost non-existent (again, this is because of the rather poor noise isolation). In my experience, this depends on how well the ear buds fit in your ears and I’ve tried 3 different ear buds during my tests. Larger ear buds give me more noise isolation and better sound, but not as comfortable as sticking smaller ear buds in.

Jabra Sports Pulse Review Conclusion

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Jabra Sports Pulse is made for intense exercises and that means it can take abuses from sweat, rain, dust, shock, and sand. Its heart rate monitor provides a seamless tool to track your heart rate while you exercise, but more importantly, allows the dedicated app to tailor and guide you based on your fitness level.

As a stand-alone Bluetooth wireless earphone for music listening, it may not beat all of its competitors’ (in terms of battery life, compactness, and sound quality) – but nothing can beat a Bluetooth wireless earphone with built-in heart rate monitor to monitor and push you to the limit. Jabra Sports Pulse is definitely a great tool to add in your arsenal if you are serious about getting fit.

Disclosure: Sample sponsored for the review but all opinions are 100% mine


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