Jabra Elite 10 Review – Jabra’s finest ANC wireless earbuds

Jabra Elite 10 Review – I’ve reviewed a ton of Jabra earbuds here at Craving Tech and I remember how happy and amazed I was when I first tried the Jabra Elite 85t back in 2020. Lots of new models have been released since then, from the Elite 3, Elite 4 Active, Elite 5, Elite 7 Pro and Jabra Evolve2. While the fit of these earbuds gets better and better (in my opinion, although this is subjective and depends on the shape of your ears), they didn’t give that first, mouth-opening impression in terms of sound quality.

But I think Jabra may have hit the spot again with their latest Jabra Elite 10. It’s comfy, has a great fit, and one of the best noise cancelling features among its rivals.

Jabra Elite 10 Review – Unboxing and Packaging Contents

The packaging comes with the Jabra Elite 10 earbuds, charging case, eargels of different sizes, and a USB cable to charge the case. However, the case supports wireless charging as well and I’ve been charging mine on the STM ChargeTree Swing’s Qi charging pad just fine.

Jabra Elite 10 Review – Design and Features

Jabra Elite 10 has that same, signature design with the previous Jabra Elite models and that’s okay. It has that compact, elegant design that is available in various colours: Cocoa, Cream, Gloss Black, Matte Black, and Titanium Black. The review unit I have here is the Cream and it looks sleek. While I normally go for the traditional Black or Grey colour, I’m quite surprised how much I love the Cocoa.

The earbuds weigh at just 5.7 grams each and they all fit well inside my ear canals. The EarGel material is made of silicone and I have no comfort issue when I wear these earbuds for some music listening. They don’t actually feel intrusive and don’t go deep into the ear canals. This is good for comfort but it does feel like it affects the noise isolation a bit. Also, they feel like they might come off your ears but they never did during my 2-3 weeks of testing.

I had a walk, jog, ran to catch the train, and just strolled around the Melbourne CBD during peak hours. These earbuds never fell out.

Jabra Elite 10 is powered by 10mm speakers with Spatial Sound (Dolby Atmos with Dolby Head Tracking) and 6-microphones that are used for both voice calls and active noise cancellation. It supports AAC and SBC audio codecs (no aptX or LDAC unfortunately) with Bluetooth 5.3.

And thanks to the power of speaker drivers, I really love the audio quality on these new earbuds; the audio separation, the clarity, and even the Bass has a good amount of oomph in it. After enabling the ANC, I can completely get immersed in my music, movies, or games even in noisy area such as train stations or Melbourne CBD peak hours.

While the noise cancelling is not as excellent (yet aggressive) as the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II, the Jabra Elite 10 ANC is amazingly good. Eliminating the main outdoor ambiance is a no-brainer and I’m also amazed at many other things that the earbuds can cancel out or reduce significantly. I could barely hear the plane flying above the clouds and conversations are muted unless people are really close or speaking very loudly. Once I punched my music in (just softly, not too loud), I could even sleep soundly in the train during peak hours.

So yes, the ANC is surprisingly superior and on par with many other high-end earbuds from the competitors, plus you don’t feel the aggressiveness of the air pressure inside your head. The HearThrough function is good and sounds natural as well, which I always like on any other Jabra earbuds I’ve used in the past.

Controls are managed by tapping the earbuds which do different things depending on the number of successive taps and on which side of the earbud. For example, tapping once on the Left Earbud will cycle between ANC, HearThrough, or Off (customisable through the app) but tapping once on the Right Earbud will play/pause the music. Again, these gestures can be changed from the app to suit your preference and personalise your headset.

Speaking of app, there are many things you can change and set through the Jabra Sound+ app like EQ settings, turning Spatial Sound on and off, etc. I don’t particularly like the Head Tracking feature, so I usually turn it off. It’s cool because it makes you feel as if you are listening to a concert in front of you. If you are looking or walking at different directions, the sound will shift accordingly. It’s cool but not if you are walking around the city with this turned on, because you’ll be turning to different directions a lot of times.

As for battery life, Jabra Elite 10 can go up to 6 hours with ANC and 8 hours with ANC turned off. Combined with the case (that also charges the earbuds while they are in it), you can get up to 27 hours with ANC, or 36 hours without. So they are pretty good, in my opinion. The earbuds will also turn themselves off when there is no activity detected for 30 minutes.

Jabra Elite 10 Review Conclusion

In summary, the Jabra Elite 10 earbuds are a remarkable addition to Jabra’s already impressive line-up. They build upon the strengths of their predecessors, offering a comfortable fit that has been fine-tuned over multiple generations.

The noise-cancelling feature is surprisingly effective, rivalling even high-end competitors, and the HearThrough function remains as natural-sounding as ever. Whether you’re navigating the hustle and bustle of city life, catching a train, or simply enjoying your favourite tunes, the Jabra Elite 10 earbuds offer a compelling package that’s hard to ignore. They are a worthy investment for anyone looking for a blend of comfort, quality, and cutting-edge features.

Those who are looking for high quality earbuds with amazing sound quality will be in love with the Elite 10. It is available now to purchase for A$379 at Jabra website or retailers around Australia. Also available at Amazon.com

Disclosure: Jabra Elite 10 review sample was supplied for reviewing

Jabra Elite 10 Review


Jabra Elite 10 earbuds excel in comfort, sound quality, and noise-cancelling features, making them a top choice in Jabra’s line-up 


  • Excellent design and build quality
  • Excellent audio quality and clarity
  • Dolby Atmos with Head Tracking
  • Wireless charging case
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Excellent ANC and HearThrough
  • Comes with different ear gels sizes


  • No aptX or LDAC 
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