Wireless Charging on the iPhone? Yes, Please


Trident Qi Wireless Charging Review – Wireless charging solution is the latest trend in mobile technology, and a booming one. Some latest smartphones like the Nokia Lumia 920 supports it natively but others like the Apple’s iPhone do not.

All hope is not lost, however, because with a simple trick such as using this Trident Qi Wireless charging case, iPhone users can also taste and enjoy the convenience of wireless charging.

Trident Qi Wireless Charging Case Review



The Trident Qi Wireless Charging Case is designed not only to provide a wireless charging support, but to also protect your iPhone from scratches and bumps. The packaging even comes with a screen protector to further protect scratches on your iPhone screen. It also adds a firmer grip on your iPhone though a bit slippery while texting with the case on with just one hand.

It only comes in white color but still looks pretty good with my black iPhone 5s. The case itself is quite lightweight, which I didn’t expect at first (it looks heavy on the product images). It has a similar look and feel as a regular charging case (for example, like this Mophie Juice Pack Helium Case), with the Lightning connector at the bottom of the case. The edges of the case fits the iPhone really tight to keep it secure. The drawback is that you should not take your iPhone in and out of the case too often as it may leave some minor scratches due to the tightness.



There are openings for cameras, buttons, and also for the audio port. The distance to the port is rather deep, however, so some earphone cable designs may not fit in.



There is also no Lightning connector port on the case, which means that you can only use a compatible Qi wireless charging pad to charge your iPhone. Or alternatively, you can take your iPhone off the case temporarily and charge it old-style, with a Lightning cable. But thanks to the tightness of the case, I don’t really recommend doing this too often.

After using it for a couple of weeks, the white-coated case starts to change color, which makes me wish that they have one in black.


Trident Qi Single Wireless Charging Pad Review



Though the case is not at its best, the Trident charging pad rocks. It features a sleek, simple, and slim design, which saves a great deal of space on the desk. The anti-skid feet keep the charging pad on the desk and the anti-skid ribbon keeps the iPhone steady.


It has an LED indicator which goes green when you place your iPhone on it and a funky short tone to indicate that it’s currently charging your iPhone. Would be great if there is another indicator to let you know that it has finished charging though.


It’s really simple and intuitive to charge with the pad. Simply place your iPhone (with the charging case) and it’d charge away. Grab your iPhone out of the pad and it would stop. I do wonder if it is okay for the battery to do this frequently. I think it’s like plugging the Lightning cable to charge and de-plug it over and over. As such, it’s probably not recommended to charge it while you are still going to use your iPhone every now and then.


Overall, I really love the charging experience because it is simple, intuitive, and does not leave a mess on the table (with oversized docks or messy cables). Though it charges slower (about 5% battery increase in 10 minutes compared to using a Lightning cable – 9% increase in 10 minutes), the convenience gained is far greater.

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