“Upgrade” your Nest Cam IQ to Google Home

Nest Cam IQ Stylish security camera

It’s just not that long ago that Nest announced their new home security camera, Nest Cam IQ.

And, thanks to the most recent news from Nest, you can now get a free software update (i.e no need to purchase an extra hardware add-ons or accessories) to add Google Assistant support to the camera!

This update means you can now treat your Nest Cam IQ security camera like a Google Home. It’s actually the first security camera which has a Google Assistant built-in.

Like any other Google Assistant supported products, you can simply say “Hey Google” to launch Google Assistant, which you can then speak your queries out.

There are also updates to the Nest Aware subscription plans:

  • Nest is adding a 5-day plan for AUD $7 (incl GST) a month, in addition to the existing 10-day/$14 incl GST and 30-day/$30 (incl GST) plans
  • Nest Aware person alerts can now tell the difference between a person and a thing in your Activity Zones, for Nest Cam IQ
  • Nest Aware will now be able to merge duplicate familiar faces of the same person within your photo collections

With the recent update to Google Assistant to add more family friendly commands and activities, getting the Nest Cam IQ feels like getting a security camera and a Google Home in one (unless if you want a speaker).

The Nest app update is available now to download in Australia.

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