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Windows 8.1 update is now out. No more trolling about the missing Start menu button, right?

Windows Store

In case you aren’t aware of, Windows 8.1 update is now available to the public. Last night, actually. The update is quite a huge one (around 3 GB) so the best way is to download it overnight and leave your computer running. After the download is complete, the update will run automatically and restart your computer a few times.

Not sure how to get the Windows 8.1 update? Easy, just follow these super simple steps.

How to update from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1

  1. Go to your Windows 8 Start Menu (by pressing the Start key on your keyboard)
  2. Go to Store
  3. You should see a big “Update to Windows 8.1 for free” app/icon on your screen. You can’t miss it.
  4. Click on it and just follow the instructions

Your files, settings, Windows 8 apps, and any other software installed in your computer should still be retained. Everything should still be like how you leave it before the update.

Should you be upgrading/updating to Windows 8.1? Well, why not? It has some number of changes under the hood, bug fixes, and improvements here & there. And oh, the Windows start button is back as well, in case you miss it or have been trolling about it for months. Me? I just wish I can make that extra icon go away (you can never make everyone happy, right?).

A full  blown Windows 8.1 review can be read at The Verge.

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