Ulti-mat Chill gaming products review

Ulti-mat gaming products

I’ve never heard of the company Ulti-mat before so when I was contacted to review their gaming products, I honestly wasn’t so excited. After trialing their Ulti-mat Chill gaming mouse and a couple of their mouse pads however, I was stoked. The Ulti-mat Chill is surprisingly a high-end gaming mouse with quality, comfort, and a great tactile feel. The mouse pads that I tried it on are massive and have a high durability as well. Before we jump into conclusions, let’s have a look at the products in a bit more detail.

Ulti-mat Chill review

The Ulti-mat Chill is a laser gaming mouse designed to cater both Claw and Palm grips. It’s also ergonomically designed so you can use it with either hand.


The technical specifications such as a 5040 maximum dpi and 10000 maximum sampling rate set this mouse as a high-end gaming mouse and not a mediocre one. It also has a 64K on-board memory (so you can program your profile, dpi settings, etc and save it in the mouse), 7 programmable buttons (for macros), and dpi switching on-the-fly button.

The mouse itself can store multiple sensitivity steps (using the software) and you can switch between these easily with the touch of a button beneath the scroll wheel.



A change of color indicates a different sensitivity stage (Blue is the highest, by default) and the Blue color matches really well with my Razer BlackWidow Ultimate (Ulti-mat does not manufacture a gaming keyboard yet).


The Ulti-mat Chill also has a weight adjustment system so you can fully customize this mouse to your need and preference. I prefer a lightweight gaming mouse so I took most of the weights off. It’s easy to add the weights into the mouse too:



Overall, the experience with the Ulti-mat Chill has been a blast. In just a few minutes, I could tell that the team has definitely done a proper research in truly making a great gaming mouse. It’s comfortable to hold and easy to grip thanks to the rubber coating in the thumb area. The buttons are not too soft to hit accidentally and not too hard to press either. In fact, I really like the tactile clicking sound on the Ulti-mat Chill buttons. It’s also easy to do rapid clicking so if you often play an FPS shooter where you are down to using a handgun, the Ulti-mat Chill will not disappoint you.

Playing games on the Ulti-mat Chill feels great, accurate, smooth, and comfortable. The cursor flies smoothly and accurately. I’ve been reviewing lots of gaming mouse (Microsoft’s, Razer’s, and SteelSeries’) but I can say that this probably-never-heard-of gaming mouse deserves a place among these big brands!

The Ulti-mat Chill mouse died on me after a few weeks (Windows told me that the USB device cannot be recognized) but I tried it on a different computer and it worked fine so I guess, blame it on my Windows 7 system!

Ulti-mat Original Metallic X-2

The Ulti-mat Original mouse pad is a slick Teflon coated mouse pad for those who like a smooth, fast surface. The mouse pad is really heavy when I first lift it off.


The non-slip rubber base prevents it from being moved around accidentally while you game:


Gliding the mouse on top of the Original mat is like gliding it on a super smooth kitchen bench or chopping board. Okay, that might be a bad analogy but what I’m trying to say is that the surface is so smooth that the mouse flies on it! This has definitely a great impact on me when I play games that require high sensitivity. If you like a hard surface compared to a cloth pad, the Original mouse mat is the one to go for.

Ulti-mat Breathe FX-3

If a cloth mouse pad is your thing and you have a massive space for it, the Ulti-mat FX-3 mouse pad is not a bad one either. It has the same non-slip rubber base like the Original but a different surface on top. It’s massively huge which is perfect for graphic designers or for low-sensitivity gamers as they will have more space to glide their mouse through.


The mouse pad is thick and feels like it can take quite a beating for quite some time.


Overall, I’m really pleased with Ulti-mat gaming products and if you do not want to pay a premium price for a good gaming product, you might want to give this company a try. Although it appears that the company need to work more on their website (especially the info about the products as it doesn’t have enough information on them (ex: when you want to pick a mouse pad))

Note: Samples were provided for the review

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