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recycle mobile phone

I still had the Nokia 8250 phone (the “Butterfly”) before I decided to throw it away when I moved out end of last year. I was thinking what to do with it since nobody would want it (unless if you are into antique mobile phones). I didn’t know that there are those who provide mobile phone recycling like

I’ve never heard of mobile recycling before, but from their official page:

Recycle mobile phone is a very green way of disposing of your phone (as it avoids contamination in landfills) and avoids the unnecessary clutter in your house, as well as freeing up some extra money to help you have fun, or do with as you please.

So I guess it sounds so much better than throwing my old mobile phone away to the bin like I did last year :(

You can use the search function to find out how much your old phone is worth if you want to recycle it away. Unfortunately they don’t seem to take my Nokia 8250 anymore (if I still have it) but if you want to throw your iPhone 3G, you can get around £120 or around USD 190. That’s not really a bad deal because nobody would want an iPhone 3G anymore.

sell iPhone 3G

It seems that you can even sell your phone if it’s not working anymore through this site but of course, don’t expect to get much from it. You also need to send the mobile phone to them and I’m pretty sure this will work only if you reside in the UK. Still haven’t found a service like this in Australia just yet.

Anyway, if you reside in the UK and you want to throw away your old phone, why not do a phone recycling for cash?



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