How to make a poll on Facebook

Poll in facebook

How to make a poll on Facebook – Today I just realized a new button/menu titled “Question” on my Facebook (on the top of your Wall, where you can share your Status, Photo, Link, and Video). Apparently this update has been there for quite some time but I didn’t notice it even though it’s in front of my eyes (this is called Domestic Blindness)!

This new “Question” feature allows you to add or make a poll on Facebook, a nice and fun feature that some of us have been longing to have!

So how to make a poll in Facebook? Easy!

How to make a poll on Facebook

  1. Click on the Question link (where you normally post your status updates) to start making a poll on Facebook
  2. Click on the “Add Poll” option to add a nice poll into your question
  3. …come on, you can just do this by yourself, right? :)

Apparently, this “Question” feature is not limited to creating Polls and answers are not like the replies that you’ve been doing so far on people’s walls. To find out more, head off to Facebook Questions official page.

Now we can all have more fun in writing our personal status updates and have better value posts on our business’ Facebook fan page. It’s also easier and more productive to separate questions from your blabbering status updates! This is like having Yahoo Answers integrated into Facebook. Me Like.

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