Top Reveals during the GDC 2013

Top Reveals during the GDC 2013 – The recently concluded Game Developers Conference held last March 25-29 at Moscone Center, San Francisco, California opened our eyes to the latest developments in gaming. We can say that it’s what the future holds for us gamers, even though some of these things won’t be available this year or the next couple of years.

Still, it is amazing to see how we’ve come so far, considering that a couple of decades ago, we’re already quite impressed with pixelated plumbers and 2-lane, straight line racing. The following are some of the best gaming-related stuff unveiled during the GDC 2013.

Affordable gaming with the Ouya console


The Ouya is one of Kickstarter’s prized jewels. The crowdfunding website generated more than $8 million for the console, 10 times more than the original goal set to go into production. This means thousands have bought into the promise of affordable, open sourced gaming that benefits both gamers and developers. With the generous backing from the public, the Ouya console will come with a $99 price tag (although the controllers would set you back $50 apiece). Ouya’s GDC debut gave gamers and critics a hands-on experience with the console.

The console and the controller appeared solid and well-built, good enough for its price range. If there’s a cause for concern with the Ouya, it’s probably the line-up of games. Until now, there’s no definite title list that would accompany an unboxed Ouya. The games tested during the debut were old titles and ports, probably just to show the game controls and rendering of years-old graphics.

The first few Kickstarter backers will receive their units within the coming weeks, so until then, we can only wonder what games would come with system.

The future of high-def animation with Activision

One of the main selling points of modern-day games is the graphics. The bar is set quite high, with real life or “life-like” as the goal of every animator or character designer. But what if we’re already at that level, would it really be more fun if the characters in games that we play look like real humans, like real-real, with visible pores, facial hairs, and more?

Judging from what Activision unveiled during the GDC, you could say that we’re almost at that level – and it really feels creepy. The leading game developer showed off the latest in facial animation with a rendering of man’s head talking about his qualms with the dessert he ordered. Without knowing that it’s just animation, you’ll feel that you are really looking at a live human being, complete with facial expressions, skin folds and wrinkles, and minute imperfections.

Still can’t believe what I’m saying? Then check out this video below.

Immersive gaming and a new look at Virtual Reality

Now if you feel that life-like graphics is not immersive enough, perhaps the Oculus Rift might suit your fancy. This widely successful Kickstarter project that raised more than $2 million dollars to produce virtual reality gaming goggles is a far cry from the VR-related stuff from a decade ago, which were all limited by the technology of that time.


It’s hard to consider the reality aspect of VR if the video output has a grainy, sub-VGA resolution. Oculus Rift on the other hand, has two lenses that directly feed a 640×480 image to your eyes, combining a 1280×800 HD image.

But aside from demos using titles from consoles like the Xbox 360 and PS3, there’s no game yet that could maximize the potential of this unique gaming add-on. As it is now, the Oculus Rift is nothing more than an accessory to famous gaming consoles.

Technology really changes the way we look at the world. Internet, for example, has brought nothing but convenience to users. Mobile banking, online transactions, and VoIP calls are just some of the things that we enjoy today, all thanks to modern technology. In the gaming field, technology continues to shape the way we play by introducing new (and affordable) consoles, life-like animation, and unique gaming setups.

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