Tips for choosing the best portable radios

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Note: This is a guest post written by Mark Johnson

Radios have been our all-time favorite for decades now. They have been changed according to people’s needs and are still competing with other devices in the market. If you are a fan of portable radios, make sure you have one or a full-fledged radio collection. However, before buying one, you should ensure you are getting the best, which will satisfy all your needs. But how?

If you have the same question, don’t worry. Here with this guide on choosing the best portable radios, we have provided some essential factors to consider while buying one for yourself.

Size of the radio

The first and most crucial part of buying a portable radio is looking for one you can carry around. You should look for its weight and size to make sure it is easy to transport.

We would recommend you to get a radio weighing about 2 pounds for better transportation. However, do not compromise on the features just because the size is compact. Check for the audio quality and reproduction as the bigger ones produce more sound—furthermore, the bigger the radio, the more its battery consumption.

Quality of sound

If you are looking for a cheaper portable radio or even an expensive one, it’s important to check its sound quality. Make sure it can reproduce sound well and covers all lows, mids, and highs without any distortions. At least, the sound should be clear enough to hear, and it should be value for money.

Design of the radio

We all know- looks matter, be it a machine or any other thing. There are different types of radio designs available, starting from vintage models to compact modern ones. However, the design choice depends on you and your house theme, but it must be appealing enough to be an eye-catcher.

Battery life

Most portable radios work on small lithium-ion batteries, smaller ones require two, and bigger ones can require more than 4 at a time. However, the battery life depends on how much the radios work. Therefore, you should look for a radio with battery life for more than a day. Moreover, some are rechargeable, so make sure you get a better one and not those with a 1-2 hour battery life.


While buying a radio, make sure it has an input for headphones so you can listen to music peacefully while traveling, and you won’t be a problem for others with a loud radio. However, most portable radios come with input, so you don’t have to worry.


As we all know, radios have an excellent inbuilt speaker and usually don’t require external ones. Therefore, they make a good speaker when you have none. However, you will need good connectivity and compatibility so you can connect the radio to your music player or mobile phone using a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection. Also, look for wired USB and MDCI inputs.

Strong build

A portable radio will need an extra-strong and sturdy build as compared to the simple ones. The sole reason behind it is that these are portable ones and are prone to moisture, falls, and rough use. Therefore, make sure the portable radio you choose is well built with a strong material that can easily handle the drops.

Recording option

Won’t it be great if you could record any song played on the radio using a memory card? If yes, there are many radios available with this feature. You have to simply insert an SD card and click the required buttons for that. With this recording feature, you can make your own playlist and save your favorite songs on it.

Additional features

Unlike the past days, portable radios come with loads of features which make them stay in the market. However, if you want, there are portable radios with no extra features, but some will make it easier for you. The features include a preset function that will help you save your favorite stations, an alarm, and a sleep system that makes sure you don’t waste its batteries by keeping it on for a long time. Moreover, water resistance is what you get nowadays. However, it is not required if you handle the radio with care.


So, those were the factors you should consider while buying a portable radio. The ultimate goal is to have a good listening experience with a portable radio. Therefore, make sure you check all these features and get one according to your preferences. We hope you have loved our mini-guide on choosing the best portable radios and would love to read more of these articles from us.

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