Tiny YouTube Converter Review

Tiny Youtube Converter review

Tiny YouTube Converter is a free new tool to convert YouTube videos to mp3 (grab the audio of a YouTube video and then save it as an mp3 file to your computer). While there are already online tools that do this sort of things, it’s always handy to have such a tool installed in your computer (especially if you are going to do this very often).

Tiny YouTube Converter Installation

Installation is fairly easy. You just have to download the application and double click on the file to install it. The setup file is free of virus and trojans (according to my Norton 360) so it’s safe to install and use it in your computer. No confusing setup or settings. Just install and run.

How to use Tiny YouTube Converter to convert YouTube videos

Tiny Youtube convert youtube videos to mp3

  1. Download & install Tiny YouTube Converter
  2. Open Tiny YouTube Converter
  3. Open the YouTube video that you want to save with your web browser (I was trying it on a video that I created myself)
  4. Highlight the video URL, copy, and paste it into Tiny YouTube Converter (see my first screenshot)
  5. Click on the Convert button and choose where you want to save the audio/mp3 file.
  6. Wait until it finishes converting and downloading (you’ll get an “Mp3 File Saved” notification).
  7. Listen and enjoy :)

Now, all of these sound good BUT unfortunately on a few tests that I did, some of the mp3 files couldn’t be played (I’ve tried opening them with WinAmp, Windows Media Player, and even with VLC). Tiny YouTube Converter is in fact still in Beta, so it might be some time before we’re able to get a bug-free application and a 100% successful conversion rate. Nevertheless, it works but not always.

Tiny YouTube Converter Review Conclusion

Tiny YouTube Converter is a new tool in the market to convert YouTube videos to mp3 files. Use this tool at your own risks and I’m pretty sure there will be copyright written all over the videos that you want to convert from. I don’t see any problems if the videos are yours or your friends’ though. Tiny YouTube Converter is simple, free, and easy to use. You might get a successful conversion and at other times you might not. The application is still in beta so you might want to wait longer to get all the bugs fixed.

Meanwhile, if you can’t convert a video, use the freely available YouTube video online converter such as Vixy or VidToMp3.

Tiny YouTube Converter Pros
+ Small in file size
+ Free
+ Easy to use

Tiny YouTube Converter Cons
– Doesn’t work for all YouTube videos
– Has an advertisement on the app but not intrusive
– Copyright issues?

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