Tineco Unveils the FLOOR ONE S6 PRO EXTREME: A Smart Floor Washer Redefining Cleaning Standards

Tineco has just introduced a new addition to its product line: the FLOOR ONE S6 PRO EXTREME. This groundbreaking 3-in-1 smart floor washer is marking a new era in home cleaning technology. I’ve already amazed at their ONE FLOOR S5 PRO/S7 PRO and CARPET ONE PRO Shampooer (make sure to check our reviews on those machines) so it’d be interesting to see what the new machine offers.

Designed to simplify cleaning routines, the FLOOR ONE S6 PRO EXTREME transcends traditional vacuuming and mopping. It integrates a self-cleaning feature, delivering a comprehensive solution for both wet and dry messes. This dynamic appliance exemplifies Tineco’s commitment to providing advanced features without compromising affordability.

One standout feature of the FLOOR ONE S6 PRO EXTREME is its Continuous Fresh Water Flow System. This innovation ensures that the brush roller consistently exchanges dirty water for fresh water over 400 times a minute, leaving floors cleaner and shinier with every pass.

Adding to its intelligence, the FLOOR ONE S6 PRO EXTREME incorporates the patented iLoop Smart Sensor Technology. This system dynamically adjusts suction, roller speed, and water flow based on dirt levels. The result is not only a spotless floor but also an extended battery life, thanks to the automatic optimisation of power settings.

What sets this smart floor washer apart is its self-cleaning system. Automating the washing and cleaning of the inner tubing and brush roller, it provides a consistently hygienic, hands-free cleaning experience.

Priced at A$999, the FLOOR ONE S6 PRO EXTREME is available at JB Hi-Fi. Compared to the FLOOR ONE S7 PRO (A$1,299), the S6 PRO EXTREME looks to be a more affordable model without cutting corners (judging from the features list) but we’ll know for sure once the reviews are out.

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