Cygnett GoStick Bluetooth Camera Selfie Stick & Smartphone Tripod Review

Cygnett GoStick Bluetooth® Camera Selfie Stick & Tripod Review – If you’ve never owned a webcam before and realised that it is necessary now but every webcam is out of stock, you are not alone. Thanks to the COVID-19 situation, many of us are working from home and have to catch up with our colleagues and bosses through Zoom, or other medium.

If you don’t have a webcam, then your smartphone is the only thing you have. Holding the phone for the whole meeting can be exhausting though – which is why this is the second hottest thing in the market: a phone tripod.

Cygnett GoStick is not just a smartphone tripod though, it is also a selfie stick with Bluetooth remote and it really comes in handy in many situations.


Design & Features

I admit, I’m not a selfie person (my wife is more expert in that area), so I didn’t really use the GoStick as a selfie tool much. However, we did test it when my wife was having her birthday and really like it. It is lightweight to hold and the balance is there.

As a tripod, the GoStick doesn’t disappoint too, thanks the flexible design of the collapsible pole and the phone mount. The twist & lock extendable pole make it easy to carry inside your bag, and the pole can be extended really long if needs be (up to 62cm). With that length, you can definitely get a really good selfie angle, or even when you have a big group of friends – which I can’t test at the moment due to COVID-19 situation sadly.

I’m using the iPhone 11 Pro Max so it’s good to know that the Cygnett GoStick also supports bigger phones. The Bluetooth remote definitely comes in handy and can be placed on the pole for an easy carry. However, you can also leave that at home and just use the 10-second timer on your phone.

As a tripod, especially for video conferencing at home, Cygnett GoStick offers a nice setup and angle on the desk. It also means you don’t have to hold your phone for the entire meeting. Plus, rather than having to look down on the camera during the conference (which may look condescending to others), you can set it up as high as you want.

It also works to take photos using the smartphone rear camera – which normally takes better photos than the front, with the tripod mode. Or if you are feeling creative, you can also use it to create time lapse videos.

As great as these may sound, I do find that the legs are quite flimsy and need a bit more weight to them. It’ll be impossible to use it as a tripod outdoor in Melbourne during windy days. Indoor use is great, but if you have a heavy phone like the iPhone 11 Pro Max, you can only use the phone in Landscape orientation. Using it in Portrait will make everything out of balance and drop everything to the floor – unless..

Cygnett GoStick Bluetooth Camera Selfie Stick & Tripod Review Conclusion

Cygnett GoStick comes really handy during these “Work from home” situation, as it can be set up as a smartphone mini tripod. I meet up with my colleagues and friends virtually a few times a week, so not having to hold my phone all the time is great.

It is also a handy selfie stick, thanks to the extendable pole of up to 62cm and it comes with a Bluetooth remote. With the flexibility of the mount head, you can get the angle you like and take the best selfie portrait possible.

I do wish that the legs can be more solid and sturdy, but I guess it will make the stick heavier to carry and use for selfies. It is a trade-off, but depends on what you are using it for. At the moment, it’s quite flimsy to be used outdoor as a tripod or if you have a heavy, large phone in portrait orientation.

Cygnett GoStick retails at A$59.95 and available at many retailers around Australia.

UPDATE: Cygnett has released a newer model with stronger, sturdier legs. Check our full review and comparisons out!

Disclosure: Cygnett GoStick review sample was supplied for reviewing but all opinions are mine and not paid

Cygnett GoStick Review


Selfie stick and tripod in one, quite handy


  • Pole can be extended up to 62cm
  • Easy to carry
  • Great handling as a selfie stick, Bluetooth remote included
  • Can be used as a tripod


  • Quite flimsy as a tripod
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