The Kingdom (2007) Movie Review

The Kingdom Synopsis: A bomb has gone off inside an American compound in Saudi Arabia, killing 2 FBI agents, Arabs, Americans, and also children. Special Agent Ronald Fleury, FBI, assembled a team of four to investigate the bombing and to find the man who is responsible for the blast. He is only given 5 days to do the job without any support from the U.S government and unwelcoming Saudi Arabians’ police.

The Kingdom is a movie about politics and terrorism. It shows you what the world is in today, especially in Middle East (Iraq, especially at the moment). Bombs with sharpnels and nails, suicide bombers, jihad, two sides that swear to kill each other for the "just" cause in their own eyes.

In one sentence, I love this movie. It’s funny that reviewers at RottenTomatoes are only giving 52% for this movie. It has some nice fast-paced actions (at the beginning and towards the end of the movie), the tensions, and how the director tries to tell the stories from each side of the conflict.

You may not understand some dialogues in the movie if you are not really up to date with a few politics and terrorism jargons. I watched this with a few friends and some of then didn’t actually understand some dialogues or some actions that were done in the movie. At the beginning of the movie, however, it explains the involvement of the Western in Saudi Arabia’s "Kingdom" and why terrorism arises so greatly today. So, don’t miss out the beginning of the movie if you want to understand more about the story.

I’d give this movie a 9/10 and recommend it to everyone I know!


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