The Fusion of Telecommunications and the Internet

AnyWho lookupThis is a guest post by Brandy O

Microsoft and AT&T have had a great partnership when it comes to smart phones, and have collaboratively worked together to provide smart phone users with great products that work flawlessly. While Microsoft has created many of the operating systems supporting many smart phones today, AT&T has supplied an extensive network to make sure all smart phone users are able to stay connected.

To further provide adequate service to AT&T enthusiasts, AT&T has decided to increase connectivity by providing more user information.

AT&T has long been a telecommunications giant, and has recently taken their information regarding phone users to the web. As the creator of Yellow Pages, which is a large index of a variety of businesses and professionals, AT&T again seeks to make communicating easier for online users by offering AnyWho, an online phone directory so that persons may find businesses and people easier for contact purposes.

However, AnyWho isn’t your typical directory. Sure, you can type in someone’s name or a place of business and find their phone number or address, but a unique additional feature that the service offers is reverse phone look-up. With a reverse phone look-up service, a user can type in a phone number and, in return, find the name and address of the number’s owner. This service isn’t necessarily revolutionary, but it’s definitely convenient.

Reverse LookupAlthough mobile devices are now becoming increasingly popular and replacing land lines in certain areas, there is still a great need for land lines, and therefore a service such as reverse phone look-up. Businesses, in particular, need land lines to link to their professional addresses as numerous employees can’t have the same number on their cell phones. Many of these businesses include telemarketing centers which can repeatedly call consumers to the point of aggravation. By using AnyWho, those being harassed are able to pull up the business information behind the phone number, and then report the business to watchdog group.

AnyWho is also beneficial to consumers because it allows them to screen calls when needed. The service also makes it really easy to find the number of your favorite restaurant so that you can call them and have an order ready for pick-up on your way home. Technology is making life increasingly more convenient, and as telecommunications firms such as AT&T begin to become for IT focused, the advancements of connectivity will only increase and become more spellbinding. AnyWho may not have an extreme “wow” factor, but that was never its draw. What is, is what it says for the fusion of telecommunications and the internet.

This is a guest post by Brandy O

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