The Collection for iPad takes e-magazine to the next level

The CollectionRingier, a Swiss media company, just launched an iPad application that runs like a magazine, covering one particular topic per month with texts, videos, photos, and many more. The first issue is covering Prince William — The British Monarchy’s Great Hope, a perfect guide to those who want to know more about the British’ royal family.

The issues are unfortunately not free (USD 5.99 per issue) but a free preview is available (although the preview is just a video trailer rather than a stripped down version of an issue). The texts are available in English, Chinese, and German when this post was written. We can expect more to be added in at a later stage.

This appazine is not a simple magazine in PDF or picture format though. It is a new ground breaking media application that does not simply display photos while you flick through the pages with a swipe. In fact, it includes “panoramic photography, 3D digital animation, creative morphing, rubbing, X-Ray lens and much much more“.

The technology is new and claimed to be Made in Switzerland Content Management System. It’s definitely interesting enough to find out more about this especially if you are getting tired of long and boring static e-magazines. Would be interesting to see the intuitiveness and the interactiveness of the appazine.

Here are some more screenshots from the collection’s first issue:

The Collection - first issue screenshot

The Collection screenshot 2

The Collection screenshot 3

The Collection Screenshot 4

The Collection - Screenshot 5

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