Targus Truss iPad Case Review

Targus TrussThere are already so many iPad cases to choose from and Targus Truss for iPad might arrive a little bit too late. However, if you are looking for a functional all-around iPad case, you might want to ditch what you have and have a look at the Targus Truss.

The Targus Truss iPad case is available in different colors.

altWhen I first got the package, I was a bit surprised to find how big the packaging was. The Targus Truss case is indeed quite thick with extra soft paddings to give plenty of protection for your iPad. When the case is closed, the thickness from the top and bottom of the case provides extra protection for the iPad, even if you ever let it fall a few metres above the ground.

Targus Truss ReviewTargus Truss Review - case1

Targus Truss Review - sideTargus Truss Review - side 2

The Targus Truss Case is a book case style so you’ll never have to pull your iPad out of the case to use it. The iPad is secured with a side wrap-around band and also 2 wrap-bands on the other 2 corners. I find that the iPad is securely closed and well-padded with these bands.

Targus Truss Review - wraps

The case is also a few centimetres out so if you ever drop it, the iPad stands secure and won’t definitely come in contact with the surface. The case is made of leather and quite stylish overall with 2 different colours for a more professional exterior yet personal on the interior side.

Targus Truss Review - open case

The case is closed with a very tight strap which made me worry at first because it looks as if the iPad gets pressed too hard. Rest assured, however, the heavy soft padding guards it well.

Targus Truss Review - pressure

What I like most about the Targus Truss case is that you can transform it into an iPad stand with different angles; perfect to be used on a flat surface to play casual games, browsing, or even to watch movies. The slopes are nicely done without destroying the elegance of the case.

Targus Truss Review - padding

Targus Truss Review - angle 1Targus Truss Review - angle 2

There is also sort of an unsupported angle for typing which is not too bad but not the perfect angle either:

Targus Truss Review - for typing angle

As for portrait, the case holds the iPad really well, perfect for reading magazines or browsing the web:

Targus Truss Review - Portrait for magazinesTargus Truss Review - portrait for browsing

Targus Truss iPad Case Review Conclusion

Targus Truss Review - angle 1Targus Truss iPad Case is one of the most functional iPad case I’ve ever reviewed. For a start, I like how the case doesn’t cover the whole iPad’s body so you can still see the iPad’s aesthetic as it is. It’s also quite stylish and looks professional, without attracting too much attention. The case is very well padded, but at the price of being heavier and bulkier compared to the other iPad cases I’ve ever reviewed.

The Targus Truss is also very practical. You can use the iPad as it is or you can transform the case into an iPad stand with a few different angles. These only works for Landscape view but you can also make the case stands on a Portrait view, as I showed earlier.

Honestly, when I first saw the case out of the packaging, I was a bit disappointed of the size and bulk. After I use it for a while though, I’ve fallen in love with it. This case simply looks professional, made with high quality leather (love the smell :)), plenty of soft padding, but the most important thing is just being very practical. It may add extra weight and space when you have to carry it for travelling, but if you want to make sure your iPad stays safe, bringing the Targus Truss is definitely worth it.

Note: Sample unit provided for the review


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