Super Blast 2 for iPhone review

Super Blast 2If you remember playing 1942 on the arcade machine (or on a console), then Super Blast 2 is going to be a familiar game for you. If not, don’t worry, this is what a review post is for.

Super Blast 2 is an action top-down view shooter game for the iPhone, iPod or iPad that gives you a simple and quick burst of fun. No hard controls to master and no manuals needed at all to play this game.

Super Blast 2 Review - screenshot 5Super Blast 2 is a shooter game in space, so you’ll be shooting alien ships and monsters alike. The game is gyroscope-controlled, meaning you just have to tilt your device left and right to move your character. The game also auto shoots so you don’t have to frantically press your iPhone’s screen to make a kill. These controls are welcomed and make it a really accessible game for all ages.

There are different weapon types that you can get from the game but unfortunately they don’t last long (non-permanent). These weapon orbs come quite often though so in most cases, you don’t have to shoot with your default weapon for too long.

Super Blast 2 Review - screenshot 4You have a health bar which will be reduced slowly when you are taking fire from the enemies. There is no extra life so the game is over when your health bar reaches zero. The game is also over when an enemy manages to pass by you (I found this the hard way as this design approach is quite new to me). As such, the game is fun but can be frustrating because every time you play it, you always start from the beginning again because the game does not save where you are, even after defeating a boss (there are a few boss battles in the game).

Super Blast 2 Review - screenshot 1Super Blast 2 Review - screenshot 2Super Blast 2 Review - screenshot 3

Overall, the game is really well designed graphically and well-polished. Explosions are way cool to see and enemies look very detailed.  if you are looking for some great fun with just US $1, make sure that you pick Super Blast 2. It does not have a save option or other great features, but the game is fun to play when you are waiting for the bus to come or before you go to bed.

Super Blast 2 – Phantoom Entertainment

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