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Selling your stuffs on e-Bay via iSOLD It

iSOLD It on EbayIt’s amazing how people actually want to buy your old used stuffs. It’s even amazing that people actually want to buy useless stuffs such as a haunted box, a typhoon being caught in a bottle, a bat mobil (car), their own grandmas and many other useless items (or person – considering that grandma bit lol) But believe me, I’ve seen those item listings before for real on eBay!

Some even wanted to sell their soul to the devil! My goodness, how mad the world has become! 

I always wanted to sell my second hand items, but having to pay eBay fees for listings, for the purchase, having to send the items, warranty, etc turned me off. Wish I can just sell it for any price and forget about it.

So while browsing some interesting opportunities on SocialSpark.com, I saw a service (or a store actually) called “iSOLD It” and decited to put up some words about it.

“iSOLD It” is an actual store (or stores, as they are quite a lot of them in U.S, Australia, and Canada). It works like this:

  • You saw an item that you want to throw or sell away in your house.
  • You bring it to one of “iSold It” shops nearest to you.
  • They will work with you for a while about some points that you want to mention on your item listing on eBay.
  • That’s it! They’ll do the photographing of your item, putting it on auction, packaging your item on a sale, and deliver the item!
  • They don’t charge you for listing your item, but once the item is sold, they’ll take some commissions out of it (which is fair enough to me)

That’s really it. They will then send you the check or if you want to, donate it to a charity.

iSold Store

There’s nothing to lose, really. Rather than having useless items piling up in my house, I’d rather sell it away, even for some dollars. Don’t really care if they take a commission out of it as practically you are not doing anything besides bringing the item to the “iSOLD It” shop.

You’ll be surprised how many stuffs I want to sell in my house lol. I was able to sell my second hand Philips Shaver, the Philishave 8894 after using it for like 3-4 years :| (not on eBay, but on a second hand item listing).

Ebay has been good so far though. I’ve bought a few items from there. The latest one is a Yonex badminton racquet ARC-10. I’m quite sure that it’s fake though as the price was too good to be true (AUD$70, where as the genuine retail is around $250-300) lol, but let’s see when it arrives in a few days.

Selling your stuffs but don’t know how? Check your nearest “iSOLD It” shop and you can happily boast to your friends “Hey, I sold an item on eBay!” :)

Watch the video on their site if you want to know more about how it works: iSold It

Sponsored by iSold It!

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