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Safari 4 release – speedier and speedier

download safari 4Apple has just released Safari 4 both for Mac and for PC on Safari’s official page.

There doesn’t seem to be a specific page on Safari 4 change log compared to Safari 3 but I did notice a few things changed and improved.

Most notably is the speed! Safari just gets faster and faster and it’s good. According to a screenshot from Safari’s page, the i-Bench HTML benchmark shows that Safari is the fastest among other current browsers:

safari 4 performance
Go Safari!

Safari 4 also seems to fix the Top Sites problem that I was having with Safari 3. Previously, this is what I got on my Windows XP machine on Safari 3:

On Safari 4, it now looks great:

safari 4 top sites

There are also some small interface changes (Tabs, new Loading text on the address bar) and looks like you can close a tab with your middle mouse button now (which I couldn’t do on Safari 3 as far as I can remember).

With Safari catching up to version 4, it’ll be interesting to see what Opera, Chrome, and Firefox will do to be ahead of the competition.

Download Safari 4 for Mac and Windows.

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