Play Xbox 360 games on your Xbox One Console

Microsoft went big on this year’s E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) with plenty of amusing announcement for Xbox owners, including Xbox One backward compatibility to play Xbox 360 games!

As you know before, Xbox One and PS4 would not let you play their respective older generation console games – which sent many gamers into disappointment.

You’ll now be able to play your Xbox 360 games that you have bought on your new Xbox One Console, not to waste your investments over the years!

Xbox One backward compatibility will be rolled out gradually to support more Xbox 360 games (it looks like Microsoft has to do some manual work on every game to make it run on Xbox One). Microsoft aims to have around 100 titles supported at launch later this year.

Microsoft also announced other stuffs like Forza 6 release date (16 September 2015), Gears of War 4 and Dark Souls 3 (somewhere in 2016), new Xbox One “Wireless Elite” controller, and a few more.

Here is the trailer for the Wireless Elite controller:

Check out Xbox Wire for more goodies and to find out which Xbox 360 games are already supported today. I’m sure you can’t wait to be able to play all your old Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One.

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