OPPO’s next flagship phone will be called OPPO Find X2

OPPO are about to unveil their next flagship smartphone in Q1 2020 and it will be called OPPO Find X2.

While the details and exact specs are not known yet, OPPO confirmed that the new flagship phone will be powered by Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 865 processor – which is revealed at the Snapdragon Tech Summit recently.

We also know that the Find X2 will be 5G enabled like the Reno 5G (check out our review) and it will focus on providing a truly immersive display.

This is because we all know how important the display is on a phone as we play games and consume content on it daily.

Michael Tran, OPPO Australia Managing Director, said “With the Find X2, we wanted to push the boundaries of what’s possible with a smartphone. We know that more and more consumers are using their devices to play games or consume content on the go. We feel confident that the Find X2 will provide them with the most immersive experience possible to do so.”

The OPPO Find X2 will most likely be unveiled in Paris, like last year’s OPPO Find X.

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