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NVIDIA new driver: The Force Within!

May the Force be with you!

The newest NVIDIA driver 177.83 will enable GPU PhysX or CUDA acceleration on your GeForce cards. Why should you care?

Because previously, you need a separate hardware (a PhysX card) to take advantage of PhysX enabled games. Physx is a real time physics engine developed by Nvidia. If you are a gamer like me, I’m sure you’ve noticed that most of current games are taking advantage of physics on almost every game ever developed (the ragdolls, debris explosion effects, etc). Video games that support Physx can be accelerated (performance wise) so that the physics calculations are done on the GPU (your graphic card) instead of the CPU.

Nvidia has released a driver that enable your GeForce 8 series and above to take advantage of this engine, without having you wasting your money on a dedicated Physx card!
Long story short, if you have a GeForce 8 series or newer, download and install the 177.83 driver. If you happen to play a PhysX enabled game, the performance gained should be quite significant and you can even see better physic effects!

NVIDIA Driver 177.83 is free to download. You will also see some demonstration on games/demos taking advantage of the PhysX engine!

To see what PhysX can do, check out these “sexy” videos below (You can also download the demo and test it yourself)

Chatting & Modelling will never be the same

Download NVIDIA driver 177.83 and the Physx Demos for free here on Nvidia page. To find out what games are Physx enabled, check out this page at NZone!

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