Nuffnang Awards 2009 – Singapore tour photos

Merlion Statue, Singapore

Phew! 12 hours non-stop of Singapore tour! This reminds me of the “Doing London in 6 hours” that I had a few years ago lol. This is Day 3 of Nuffnang Blog Awards 2009 in Singapore. Check out where we went and the photos!

We left from our hotel, Link Hotel, at 8:30 a.m to our first stop, the Mint Museum of Toys. Since it was so early in the day and we had an after party on the night before, some of us haven’t had breakfast so we went for a nice breakfast nearby.

Breakfast near Mint Toy Museum Singapore Breakfast near Mint Toy Museum Singapore 2

After a nice meal and wake-up coffee, we went off to the Museum of Toys where we saw lots of toys back from the 18th and 19th century, each having its own history (which was explained clearly and nicely by Randolph Chew, the museum’s Senior Manager Operations). It’s amazing how toys have evolved due to a history or a copyright change. There were also lots of funny and historic moments on some of the toys (why certain things were omitted or were modified).

Museum Mint of Toys Singapore Museum Mint of Toys Singapore 2 Museum Mint of Toys Singapore 3 Museum Mint of Toys Singapore - bear

Museum Mint of Toys Singapore Walt Disneys Paintings Museum Mint of Toys Singapore 5 Museum Mint of Toys Singapore 101 DalmatiansMuseum Mint of Toys Singapore Seven Dwarves

Museum Mint of Toys Singapore dolls Museum Mint of Toys Singapore cute horse Museum Mint of Toys Singapore Host Museum Mint of Toys Singapore Donald Duck

Museum Mint of Toys Singapore Pinokio Museum Mint of Toys Singapore Cafe Museum Mint of Toys Singapore Randolph Chew Museum Mint of Toys Singapore Art in Cafe

We then headed off to the Chinatown Heritage Museum, learning the hard struggle of the Chinese immigrants.

Chinese Heritage Museum Singapore Chinese Origin Chinese Heritage Museum Singapore Chinese Heritage Museum Singapore 2 Chinese Heritage Museum Singapore China 3

After another nice and cheap lunch, we went to URA (Urban Redevelopment Authority) where we leant that every single zone, piece of land, and building, had all been planned nicely by the Singaporean government. That explains why Singapore is so crowded, yet manageable and organized (in an organized chaotic way!).

URA Singapore URA Singapore - explained URA - miniatures of Singapore URA - miniaturs of Singapore 2

URA - the Whole Singapore mapMagnus near Singapore miniaturs

We headed off to Bugis Street (stalls selling cheap stuffs) where I managed to buy a Polo shirt and a sweater for about 1/4 price compared to Australia! Tired but yet still excited, we then stopped for about 15 minutes at Merlion Park where we took some pictures of the famous Merlion (the Lion) Statue of Singapore.

Next to Merlion Park Singapore Elise and I at Merlion Park Mei Yen and I at Merlion Park

Lady Violet and Elise at Merlion Park David Lee and Us at Merlion Park In front of Merlion Statue

We then rode the famous Singapore Flyer, a giant observation wheel which is one of Singapore iconic visitor’s attraction:

Singapore Flyer from below Singapore Flyer from inside Singapore Flyer looking out

Singapore Flyer looking out 2 Bloggers inside Singapore Flyer Bloggers and I inside Singapore Flyer

After a dazzling half an hour ride, we headed off to the Royal Selangor museum at Clarke Quay, where I showed off my (unfortunately poor) craftman’s skill:

Royal Selangor Museum Royal Selangor - handcrafting Royal Selangor - learning handcrafting skill Royal Selangor hammering

Royal Selangor - hammering Mr Gadget's DSLR Camera Royal Selangor - School of Hard Rocks Royal Selangor result

Last stop – the Orchard Road. Too tired to go shopping, I decided to have a nice dinner near our hotel with Arnold from Mr. Gadget, got a hot shower, and posted this for you :)

It’s been a very tiring day but kinda sad because we had to say goodbye to lots of great people that we knew today. I actually wish that I could get all of their contact details so that we can stay in touch with one another :( I’m definitely going to get the Australian bloggers’ contact details on our last day in Singapore. It’s been great fun knowing them, the other Asia Pacific bloggers, and also the Nuffnang team!

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