Nuffnang Awards 2009 Finale – Back to Melbourne!

Ramen Seafood CrayFish

Finally, back to Melbourne. It’s been a fantastic weekend over at Singapore especially meeting and hanging out with other great bloggers all over Asia Pacific. As much as I love hanging out with them and tasting Singaporean food, I’m certainly glad to be back in Melbourne.

We spent the last last day in Singapore doing last minute shopping at Far East Plaza and Haji Lane, but not before having a nice Ramen for lunch.

Eating Ramen in Singapore

Buy 1 get 1 free Ramen - Awesome

Rin, Pinky, and I

Shopping at Haji Lane Singapore

Afterwards, a really nice dinner at Central Plaza, eating crabs – sponsored by Nuffnang (thanks guys. I shouldn’t have gone down to the ATM to take out SG$100 if I knew the meal’s being paid for lol)

Eating crabs





Gonna miss you guys! Hopefully we’ll meet again one day! And yeah, techie posts will make a come back to this blog starting tomorrow :)

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