Nintendo Switch Snipperclips bring fun and co-op mode to puzzle games


Nintendo Switch Snipperclips Review – I have to be honest. I wasn’t a much fan of puzzle games. I like games with some puzzles in them but not a full blown puzzle game.

However, Snipperclips definitely proves me wrong because the game is really fun to play unlike some puzzle games I know, and the fact that it can also be played cooperatively makes it even better.

I tested Snipperclips with a friend (although you can play it solo or with more people) over the weekend on my Nintendo Switch. There are basically 3 game modes available to choose from: 1-2 players (cooperative),2-4 players (cooperative), or 2-4 players (competitive).

In coop mode, the game encourages communication and cooperative thinking to solve every puzzle. It means that you’ll never get stuck on a puzzle like many other puzzle games. The interactions between you and your partner, plus between the in-game characters (Snip and Clip) are enjoyable to experience and watch – which is why Snipperclips truly shines.

Snip and Clip are fun to watch – their facial expressions are hilarious and simply adorable to see as you try clipping one another, or jumping on top of one another to reach certain platform. The scenes bring smiles, grins, and laughters while you think and decide on a move.

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Each character can walk, jump, duck, and be rotated which gives the game plenty of puzzle solving possibilities. On harder puzzle stages, there are specific steps that need to be done in sequence and often require multiple brains to work. When one person is giving up, the other encourages. This is what Snipperclips is designed and made for.

In my opinion, the solution of the puzzles are pretty lenient as it doesn’t always require you to have one exact solution. This keeps Snipperclips stress-free, yet challenging.

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Nintendo Switch Puzzle Game

Overall, Snipperclips is a charming, fun, multiplayer, puzzle game that you should grab for your Nintendo Switch – especially if you have someone (or some friends) to play it with. You can also play this on your lunch break at the office and get your colleagues to play with you. Thanks to Nintendo Switch’s versatility, it doesn’t require a TV to play though it’s preferable to play on a bigger screen.

There is also a Snipperclips free demo available for you to try. Snipperclips is available to purchase for just A$30.

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