Nanoleaf’s next products will be Thread integrated

Most of you have already some, if not lots of smart home devices around the house. I have over 30 of these ranging from smart light bulbs and strips, to security cameras and smart speakers. The main problem is that, as you may already aware, they support different protocols, voice assistants, and often require a separate hub to run.

For example, I use Siri to switch my Study lights on and off (which contains Hue Play and a LIFX lightstrip). However, I also want to add a dumb IKEA SPANST LED lightstick plugged on a smart plug. The problem is that the smart plug from LASER ConnectHome isn’t Apple HomeKit supported.

Not to mention some devices away from my Mesh router often disconnect and reconnect once every few days or so.

These are just some of the problems that Thread will be solving and it looks like Google, Amazon, and Apple have already joined in (Apple HomePod Mini supports the new Thread protocol).

But what is Thread really? Here’s a quick overview video:

If you own a Nanoleaf, you’ll be happy to know that all their future products will be integrated with Thread. While Nanoleaf Canvas that I have here set up at home does not, the new Essentials and all of Nanoleaf upcoming products including the Essential’s BR30 bulb will support Thread.

Looks like this year will be an interesting year and I’m looking forward to hopefully be able to replace all my non-Thread smart devices with one.

Read more about the Nanoleaf Thread integration.

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