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Mohzy Loop cable review – simple, fashionable, and creative


Mohzy Loop cable reviewMohzy Loop is a fashionable micro USB and iPhone/iPod cable that can be folded and clipped, thanks to its magnetic surface.

The Mohzy Loop cable is also short in length, which is perfect to be carried around inside your bag, pocket, or…. around your wrist. I assume the product is called the “Loop” because you can clip the magnetic parts together, creating a “loop” shape.


By clipping these 2 parts together, you can carry the cable as a bracelet, necklace, or if you are not that geeky, you can also attach it to your bag.


The cable itself is pretty sturdy and thicker than the standard cable. This design actually makes the cable more resistant, which is perfect to be carried outside the comfort of your home/office.

It’s also easier to store, because the cable is significantly shorter and can be laid flat onto the surface.

The Mohzy Loop includes a micro USB to Apple Dock Connector, so you can either use it to charge your micro USB devices (Android phones, Bluetooth headsets, etc) or Apple’s iOS devices.


The Apple Dock Connector works although unfortunately, there is no label on it to indicate which one is the top and which one is the bottom. I often have to make a guess when plugging the cable into my iPhone 4S. The Mohzy Loop is the perfect companion if you like to recharge your devices via Portable Battery Chargers, because the cable length is perfect and the material is also resistant to weather.

Below are the pictures of my iPhone 4S being recharged with the Minigorilla from Powertraveller and my iPad 3 being recharged with PADACS Enduro iPad case.


There are different design choices and colors over at Mohzy’s website so you can pick the one you like the most:

Mohzy loop colors

The concept of Mohzy Loop is actually pretty simple, but creative. Since most of you carry a recharging cable where ever you go, I’d recommend to get the Mohzy Loop to make your life easier and to freshen up your style! And if it’s going to make a difference for you, Mohzy Loop is also harmless for skin and made with recycled material.

Note: Mohzy Loop review sample was provided for the review

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