Microsoft Windows Live Writer goes open source

Open Live Writer

Windows Live Writer (part of Microsoft Windows Essentials package) is a free application from Microsoft for bloggers to write blog posts and publish them onto the blogging platform of choice (example: Google Blogger, WordPress).

It has always been my most favorite blogging editor for years, but sadly, it has never been updated since 2012 (even then, the updates were tiny). Find out my write-up at Nuffnang on why I love Windows Live Writer as my best blogging tool.

I’ve tried numerous other tools but they’re either too complicated, or cumbersome to use. The main reason why I like Windows Live Writer is the way it handles images, where I can easily set a default layout for each image I drag-and-drop to it. Changing the dimension and other properties is really easy too, even compared to the latest Microsoft Word 2016.

As good as it is, the future is bleak and the application feels old. Now, there appears to be good news, really good news, because Windows Live Writer has now gone open source!

Microsoft has announced Open Live Writer, the open source Windows Live Writer, which means basically anyone in the community can jump in and help to modify/update the application. And we all know what power of a community of talented developers can do!

Feel free to start downloading Open Live Writer now at, so you won’t miss any future updates. Or if you aren’t ready yet, you can still use the good old Windows Live Writer and follow @OpenLiveWriter on Twitter to wait for updates.

Source: .NET foundation blog post via Scott Hanselman blog

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