Microsoft Windows 8 launches in Australia

Microsoft Windows 8

Today, on Friday the 26th of October, Microsoft Australia officially launches Windows 8. The official event was being held in Sydney this morning. There were 8 Windows 8 Ambassadors who helped to showcase the new Windows 8 on the event.

The Windows 8 Ambassadors:

  • Rick Kelly (V8 Supercar Driver)
  • Ellyse Perry (Australian cricketer/footballer)
  • Ben O’Donoghue (Chef/TV Presenter)
  • Anthea Leonard (Sweet Art Owner)
  • Jenny Manik Mercian (Jewellery Designer)
  • Josh Goot, (Fashion Designer)
  • Jessica Watson (Sailor)
  • Cas & Jonesy (Adventurers)

At launch, you can get the full packed product (off the shelf) of Windows 8 Pro, available for AUD $69.99 RRP at local retailers and also on Microsoft Store. If you already have a non-Windows 8 machine running, you will be able to download Windows 8 Pro to upgrade for AUD $39.99.

Or if you bought a Windows 7 PC between 2 June, 2012, and 31 January, 2013, you can download Windows 8 Pro for just AUD $14.99 with the Windows Upgrade Offer.

Windows 8 launch in Sydney, Australia

Source: Official press release from Microsoft Australia


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