Media Player Classic Home Cinema v1.3.1249

media player classic home cinema

Media Player Classic Home Cinema is a light weight media player for Windows. If you want a media player that is light on resources and you don’t care about having a pretty interface, then you should give MPC Home Cinema a try.

Over the weekend, the developers released version 1.3.1249.

Media Player Classic Home Cinema v1.3.1249 changelog

  • New features :
    • Support for Flac audio streams
    • Support for Dolby Digital+ (Eac3) and Dolby true HD (MLP)
    • Nellymoser audio decoder
    • Belarusian, Brazilian and Sweedish translation
    • New shader “Sharpen Complex 2” (required hardware compatible with pixel shader 2.A)
    • Support for madVR video renderer (
    • Additional information on video using MediaInfo (DLL can be download from and placed in mpc-hc directory)
    • Internal DXVA decoder support for H264 with Intel G45 (thanks for people who help me at Intel Corp.)
  • Changes :
    • Add support of interlaced flags in software mode for MPCVideoDecoder filter
    • D3DFullScreen mode now takes into account the monitor to full-screen mode in options, if monitor is not specified on the command line.
    • Auto-hide playlist on fullscreen(feature request #2219561)
    • Detours library updated to v2.1
    • Support for AC3 in MP4 splitter
    • Support for EAc3 in Matroska splitter
    • Hotkeys added to support more remote control keys
    • Support for Theora in Matroska internal splitter
    • LibVorbis updated to v1.2.3
    • LibOgg updated to v1.1.4
    • Improved streaming performances
    • Prevent display or computer to sleep during playback
    • Faad library updated to rev 2.2.7
    • LibPNG updated to release 1.2.38 (fix security bug)
    • Playlist file is now saved in mpc folder (patch # 2671496)
    • frame by frame modify to support step frame back functionality (except for VMR9)
    • support for AC3 in MP4 files created by Nero Digital
    • EVR custom and VMR9 renderless revamped (Beliyaal), better synchronisation, remove tearing in windowed mode, support for dialog box in DirectX exclusive mode, …
  • Bugs fixed :
    • Support for Theora stream in Ogg internal splitter
    • Save thumbnails crash in x64
    • Bugs on presentation graphics (missing subtitles, better synchronization)
    • Audio change on M2TS files reset the selected subtitle
    • Switch to “Minimal view” reset main menu language to English
    • Bug in Mpeg splitter for VC1
    • Maximum texture resolution to “Desktop” not working with Haali renderer (Bug #2456735)
    • Better synchronization with EVR custom to improve playback smoothness
    • 24 bits LPCM not properly play
    • Possible deadlock with Reclock
    • Support of framestep backward, even if the codec didn’t support it natively (bug #2600542)
    • DXVA decoder support multiple graphics cards (PCI vendor id detection on the fly)
    • Incorrect aspect ratio for some H264 files with DXVA1 decoder (extended SAR)
    • H264 files with 16 reference frames freeze during playback (bug #2795785 and #2784256)
    • AVI with H264 not decoded properly (bug #2794854)
    • Revamped DXVA h264 decoder based on new insights, fixing black screen, macroblock, support for AVI, …
    • Incorrect playback for padded DTS
    • Hang when moving player between monitors

Media Player Classic Home Cinema at @SourceForge

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