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LUXA2 H4 Review

LUXA2 H4 Review
The iPad is one sexy gadget and therefore, it’s reasonable to find a sexy case and a sexy stand for it. I mean, why would you want to use a coat hanger (okay, it’s free) as an iPad stand? If you are the type who wants the best look, take a look at LUXA2 H4 iPad stand. LUXA2 is a division of Thermaltake and if you are those who like to custom build their computers, then you’ll already know the sort of quality we are talking about here.

LUXA2 H4 is sexy and elegant where ever you place it on – your computer desk, TV table, on the floor, kitchen’s bench, or even on the bathroom’s cabinet to read newspaper while you do the ‘thing’!

The LUXA2 H4 is made of solid aluminium and designed for both iPad and Kindle. It has 6 supporting arms with rubber pins to secure the iPad comfortably while preventing any damage such as scratches to it:

LUXA2 H4 Review  - iPad stand

At a single glance, the H4 somehow looks like a frog with its 6 arms (I don’t know how I get the idea.. probably back in my high school time when we tried to dissect a frog *ugh*). The center surface (the black square thing) is soft to support the back of the iPad.

To hold the iPad on the stand, first you put the iPad on the 2 bottom arms and then clip it with the other arms to tighten it up. Once you tighten the iPad with the arms, it stays firm on the stand. However, this is true as long as you have the 2 arms holding it at the bottom. As soon as I rotate the stand to a position where there are no bottom arms to support it, the iPad starts to slide down.

As I mentioned, you can turn and flip the stand with the iPad on it to give you the best viewing angle you like. It’s easy to flip yet sturdy.

LUXA2 H4 Review - Portrait

LUXA2 H4 Review - Landscape

Unlike the other iPad stands, the LUXA2 H4 can also be rotated to face upwards! This is really useful when you are working on the table say but you don’t have any more space to put the iPad on it. With this flexibility, you can put the iPad on the floor while you are standing up next to the table.


The H4 can practically rotate 360 degrees but as I mentioned earlier, as soon as I rotate it upside down (when the 2 bottom arms are on the top), the iPad slides down and falls. Sometimes I forgot about this when I tried to rotate it from Portrait to Landscape view (or vice versa). You also need to learn not to hold your iPad as the pivot to rotate but use the stand’s body instead because the iPad tends to come off if you do.

However, once the iPad is on the stand (with the bottom arms holding it), it’s really firm and tight. Using the iPad on the H4 is really a great experience. The H4 still stands firm even when I make some screen pushes with my finger, unlike the Maclove Titan iPad stand I reviewed earlier.

LUXA2 H4 Review Conclusion

LUXA2 H4 Review - iPadThe LUXA2 H4 looks sleek, sexy, and elegant, thanks to the aluminum body and the somewhat sexy arms to hold the iPad together. It has an amazing build quality and materials overall. Unlike the other iPad stands, LUXA2 H4 allows more flexibility in getting the best viewing angles as you can practically set it to how ever you like. It also supports holding the iPad with cases on (assuming the case is not too thick or bulky).

The H4 stands firm on the surface where you place it on and does not wiggle even when you are using your iPad on the H4. Because of this, though, the LUXA2 H4 is not portable and best to be used at home. I’ve just read from LUXA2’s website that the portable version is coming soon, named H6 if you are looking for a portable version.

So if you are looking for a sexy iPad stand that complements iPad’s sexy design and gives the most flexible viewing angles, make sure you check LUXA2 H4 out!

Note: Sample unit provided for the review

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