LIFX App 4 update is coming tomorrow and it looks good

LIFX App 4

If you have one of LIFX smart lights at home, this is great news for you. If you haven’t heard of LIFX yet, make sure to check out our review on the LIFX GU10 light bulbs and Z LED Lightstrips. In a nutshell, LIFX devices don’t require a separate Bridge or Hub like Philips Hue, say, as each device can connect directly to your home Wi-Fi network.

The upcoming major update to the LIFX app is coming tomorrow (rolling out within a few days) and it comes with a more intuitive interface. While the app seems to look more complex from the screenshot above, in reality, it will actually make interactions simpler and more intuitive to use.

LIFX App 4 interface redesign is being targeted for three types of users:

  • “The Whole Home User” – New app update offers you to group devices in the Dashboard and control these groups straight from the Dashboard
  • “The Scheduler” – scheduling page now has a calendar view with new interface lift up to make scheduling lights easier
  • “The On-Demand User” – It’s for those who like to pre-program the devices and use a “one touch” button to control them. Scenes & Effects screen will remember your past actions and more.

So, basically the Home section now contains 3 screens for quicker and deeper controls over schedules and scenes + effects. Less tapping is always welcomed. It looks sleeker too.

Effects are now found in a separate Scenes & Effects screen, and not within an individual device setting. Meaning, you can customise a scene or effect for example, and then apply it to multiple devices at the same time (rather than having to go to each device setting one by one). A time saver for sure if you have multiple LIFX devices set up at home!

It’s a good time to start refreshing your App Store app tomorrow to see if you’ve got the updates.

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