A tablet that Ashton Kutcher approves

Lenovo Yoga tablet

Lenovo Yoga Tablet is not a big Yoga mat where you can do your Yoga thingies on, but an Android tablet by Lenovo that was unveiled earlier today (under the hashtag #betterway on Twitter. And featuring Ashton Kutcher.

Before you yawn and complain “What, another tablet?”, check the design out as it tries to break the traditional tablet design for the past years.

For a start, the tablet is made for 3 modes: Hold, Stand, and Tilt -> to be held by hand like a tablet, to be placed on a flat surface (for watching movies and such), and for typing. All these without the need of buying an extra case or a tablet stand.

Yoga tablet

It it also equipped with front facing speakers with Dolby Digital Plus which should make an awesome experience for watching movies or music videos at YouTube. The battery Cylinder design should make it more comfortable to hold as the weight of the tablet has been shifted to it.

Lenovo also boasts that you will be able to use Yoga Tablet for around 18 hours before you have to reharge it again.

Whether it is true that Lenovo Yoga Tablet is easy and comfortable to hold, or whether it can get up to 18 hours as advertised will have to wait until the official review comes out.

Check out Lenovo Yoga Tablet official page.

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