LastPass introduces LastPass Families


LastPass, a popular password management service has just announced LastPass Families which helps your family to manage the digital life together. I was using LastPass to manage all my online login credentials (I’m using 1Password now), but if you have a family, having separate LastPass accounts for each family member might be hectic and non-efficient.

With LastPass Families, you can share some of your credentials (items and folders) together with your whole family. This makes managing certain credentials like Netflix login a breeze because you can easily share it with the others. And for private logins and items, not to worry, because you can still maintain them separately.

LastPass Families support up to 6 family members with their own devices. Only the lead family manager (such as Dad) has access to subscription purchase and also to manage the account such as adding more managers or adding/removing a Family member.

Unfortunately, LastPass Families is not free and available to purchase later this year. You can sign up now to get an early access though. Also, if you are a LastPass Premium customer, you will be able to try LastPass Families out for free for 6 months.

Source: LastPass Blog

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