January 2009 Traffic & Income Statistics

traffic graph

This blog’s January 2009 statistics: 35,722 visits, 51,180 pageviews.

  • Referring Sites – 15,120 visits
  • Search Engines – 17,888 visits
  • Direct Traffic – 2,706 visits
  • Other – 8 visits

Total Income made on January 2009: $291.80

Referring Sites Breakdown

referring sites

Income made online on January 2009

  • Private advertising – $100
  • Google AdSense – $74.04
  • BuzzLogic – $27.67
  • Affiliate Sales – $79
  • ASE Adnet – $8.59
  • Neverblue – $2.50

Total Income made on January 2009: $291.80

January 2009 Post Highlights

Things to say

This is probably the first time that my search engines traffic has ever beaten my referring sites traffic (social bookmarking traffic). Didn’t do any SEO optimization, but a few posts popular on Google seem to help a lot to increase my search engines traffic (and also the clicks to my Google AdSense ads).

I’m still wondering how to get traffic out of Technorati though. I’ve tried putting Technorati tags in the past but it didn’t seem to bring any traffic (apart from 2-5 visits a month from Technorati). If you get a good amount of traffic from Technorati, I’d be interested to hear tips from you.

I’ve also tried to put some Amazon Affiliate Links on my iPod Nano review post. It gave around 25 clicks last month, but didn’t convert any. I guess I’m going back to using ASE Adnet ads and replace the Amazon’s one.

As always, feel free to post your traffic & income statistics here (or link to your post).

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