James Dyson Award 2021 is now open for entries

James Dyson Award is a yearly award open for inventive and entrepreneurial undergraduates and recent graduates of engineering and design, to “Design something that solves a problem” since 2005.

There will be two $52,000 global prizes this year: the International winner and the Sustainability winner. And each participating country and region will award a National winner ($3,500) and two National runners-up. 

Last year’s Dyson Award (2020) for Sustainability goes to Carvey Ehren Maigue, the mind behind AuREUS System Technology from the Philippines which tackles environmental issues by inventing a new material made from waste crop, which converts UV light into renewable energy.

As for the 2020 International Winner, the award goes to The Blue Box, which is an at-home breast cancer detection device that diagnoses patients using an AI algorithm and a urine sample.

To participate in the James Dyson Award 2021, students can register here

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