The iPhone 6 Waterproof Case Without The Bulk

Lifeproof’s fre for iPhone 6 Waterproof Case Review – For me, for every new smartphone that I own, there is always a new responsibility of finding the perfect case for it. I am always looking for a case that I can use for when I want to take my phone to the extreme. So when I saw Lifeproof’s fre  for iPhone 6, I immediately jumped at the chance to give it a run for its money.

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fre for iPhone 6 boasts four “proof” features: waterproof (for up to 2 metres for 1 hour), dirt proof (as it seals the phone from dirt and dust), snow proof (as it is closed to snow and ice), and shock proof (up to 2 metre drop).

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Upon taking the case out of the box, I was very pleased that fre for iPhone 6 is very lightweight and incredibly thin. There is very minimal weight and bulk added into my iPhone 6, which means no need to change my grip or the way I use the phone.

It is also very easily installed and removed, something that is quite unusual for a case of this calibre.

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What makes this case really excellent is that ALL of the external phone functions are still accessible even with the case on. As well as the buttons, the charger port and the headphone jack are easily accessible through the charge port door and the screw jack cover respectively. It also surprisingly works with Apple TouchID.

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The most interesting part of the case is testing its waterproof feature. I took my phone to the shower as well as immersed it under water and the result was very impressive. All the external buttons are still accessible without fail. TouchID and swiping gestures do not work whilst under water perhaps due to different pressure environments, so if you are thinking of making some under water video or taking shots, you will need to press record before you do underwater and the camera timer is perhaps your only best friend.

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To allow the TouchID functionality, the material that covers the Home button is peculiarly delicate and that is probably one of my main concerns of the longevity of this case, especially when exposed to dirt and dust. It also makes it very sensitive to water drops which repeatedly triggered Reachability whilst tested in the shower.

Overall, I would give the Lifeproof fre case a 9 out of 10 for its simple yet beautiful design, its lightweight-ness, its thickness (lack thereof), and the accessibility of all its external functions without the need to remove the case.

In addition to the white/gray colour being shown here, fre for iPhone 6 comes in a lot of other colours: pink, purple, blue, red, and black. They also throw away a cleaning cloth in the pack to allow you to clean your phone and the case before use.

Disclosure: Sample was sponsored for the review, but all opinions are 100% mine.


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