This iPhone 5s bumper case from Spigen enhances the sexiness of the iPhone


Spigen SGP Neo Hybrid EX for iPhone 5/5s Review – I loved my iPhone 4 white bumper case back in the old days. Though I have mostly been using my iPhone 5s without a protection case, this Spigen SGP Neo Hybrid EX for iPhone 5/5s is too hard to resist.

To me, a smartphone or tablet is meant to be used bare-naked. Add a bulky case to it, and you’ve already removed the aesthetic value of the device. Obviously, there is a trade off for getting protection from scratches, bumps, or a free fall. As a result, I always take good care of my phone.

For example, I always make sure that my phone sits on a book, notepad, or something softer on my desk. When I’m in a restaurant, I’d place my phone on a pile of tissues/serviettes. Yes, I’m quite popular with being pedantic for taking care of my gadgets.

Except that this time, Spigen manage to change my whole paradigm with its Spigen SGP Neo Hybrid EX. Its yellowish contrast around the edges gives a distinct flavor to my Black iPhone 5s. At the same time, it protects the phone with double layers of non-bulkiness, while keeping most of the iPhone’s aesthetics in tact.




It doesn’t add bulk so you can still feel the slimness of the iPhone 5s. It also doesn’t add much weight to the phone. As a result, however, you don’t get as much protection as most cases do.

The first layer is a soft, black silicone bumper for shock protection and also from getting in contact with the second (outer) layer’s harder surface.



The second layer adds a better grip to the somewhat slippery iPhone 5s and a stylish flavor. You can grab a different color to suit your style (like playing a mix and match). I actually like the yellow bumper version as it looks really good on a Black iPhone. However, I used to have a Black iPhone 4 with a white bumper case and it looked great too. Your choice.

The bumper case has the right openings while protects the power and volume buttons with another soft layers. They actually add a soft, tactile touch to the buttons and I really love the feel on my fingers.



If you own a third party Lightning cable, however, the connector may or may not fit inside due to the thickness of the bumper case (as happened to my case). The official one from Apple works fine, however.

The packaging also comes with a screen and back protector, along with the bumpers. However, I haven’t really tried them out because I haven’t found the need to use a screen protector on my phones for years. I do glad that Spigen includes them in the package for a complete solution.


Thanks to Spigen, I can now place my iPhone on any surface without worrying, knowing that the bumpers would be the ones touching the surface and protect my phone from any scratches.

Disclosure: Review sample was sponsored for the review by MobileZap. Do check out their range of iPhone 5 cases if Spigen SGP Neo Hybrid EX doesn’t intrigue you enough.

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