Hearthstone: Voyage to the Sunken City expansion impressions


Blizzard Hearthstone has just released its new expansion: Voyage to the Sunken City, with 135 new cards and as usual, new mechanics to further spice up your current deck or new ones.

For example, there is a new Colossal Legendary minions for each class that usually spawns a few more extra appendages on the board as soon as they are summoned. Unleashing these Colossal minions can definitely turn the tides of the battle in an instant.

The new expansion also introduces a new mechanic where you can summon powerful, sunken treasure cards – which as the word “sunken” suggests, send them into the bottom of your deck. Not to mention unleashing Ambassador Faelin to add 3 random Colossal minions at the bottom of your deck. To help you “dig” these powerful cards at the bottom, there’s a new “Dredge” keyword being introduced.

“Dredge” enables players to pick one of the three cards at the bottom of your deck to put on top and draw next. Play these nicely and you’ll master the round in no time.

Voyage to the Sunken City also marks the move from the Year of the Gryphon to the Year of the Hydra which means there would be cards being moved out from Standard to Wild. So if you’ve been playing the Standard Ranked mode, it’s time for you to re-check your decks as you’ll most likely need to replace some of the cards.

Interestingly, some older cards have been updated and made their ways into the Core set such as Reno Jackson.

As for the Voyage to the Sunken City new cards, there are new Naga minions that create a nice synergy between one another. With Amalgam of the Deep for example, you can further discover the other Naga cards to suit your current situation (or if you haven’t unlocked a specific Naga card) while putting a minion at the same time for board control. Gifts of Azshara (Mage) and Spitelash Siren (Mage) also rewards you for playing a Naga deck so it might be a good time to construct a new deck utilising these new Naga creatures.

Spells deck will benefit having the Baba Naga, Naga Giant, Crushclaw Enforcer, Slithering Deathscale, Spellcoiler (Mage),
And most of these cards have relatively easy requirements, such as casting a spell or two while having the card in your hand will unlock its ability.

Paladins with Holy spells will benefit with the new cards such as “The Garden’s Grace” or Illuminate. Immortalized in Stone summons 3 taunt minions for Paladin which can be a great stall to the unsuspecting enemies while you prepare or wait for your combo.

For the Warrior class, Trenchstalker is a big summon and can quickly reduce an enemy’s hero health by 24 if played at the right time. And if you have “From the Depths“, it will further reduce the cost by 3.

To get the new Voyage to the Sunken City cards, you can purchase through using the in-game gold or real money as usual, or get the Mega Bundle pack which consists of 80 Voyage to the Sunken City card packs, 5 Golden Voyage to the Sunken City card packs, two random Golden Legendary cards from Voyage to the Sunken City, the unique Azshara card back, the mage hero Queen Azshara, Battleground Perks and Boombardment finisher, and 5 Mercenaries Packs.

Upon opening the 80 cards from the Mega Bundle pack, here are the legendary cards I got:

  • Queen Azshara
  • Crabatoa
  • Ini Stormcoil
  • Radiance of Azshara (Shaman)
  • Glugg the Gulper (Shaman)
  • Priestess Valishj (Priest)
  • Blackwater Behemoth (Priest)

With the move to the Year of the Hydra, many powerful and annoying decks get shaken by having some of the key cards removed from Standard. This definitely creates a dilemma whether to continue on using your old decks and update some cards with the new ones, or completely create a deck from scratch (assuming you have unlocked enough of the new cards).

Nevertheless, it still looks like players are still experimenting the best meta and cards on their decks to match their playstyle. I myself might have to reconsider whether I should still be focusing on my Mage Deck and its Sorcerer’s Gambit quest.

To check all the new Voyage to the Sunken City cards, head off to this page and if you haven’t been playing for a while, it’s definitely a great time to be back.

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