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Remember my recent post about an online tool to pick colors from a logo or image? Here are some more useful tools to have when you want to redesign your website or blog (or even a section of it). Since it’s better to have a color theme for a site or a blog, these free web color scheme generator will help you a lot during the design process.

Or you can also pick what color themes the others have created and either follow them or change a few to suit your particular taste.

Free Web Color Scheme Generators

  1. Toucan from Aviary (Free online color palette creator)

    toucan aviary

  2. ColoRotate

    Website design best color schemes

  3. Adobe Kuler
    I guess I mentioned about this on the other post but just in case you missed it.

    adobe kuler

  4. Color Scheme Designer

    color scheme designer

Do you have any more to add? Please share them with us here!



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