Google’s Friend Connect Beta

Google Connect BetaGoogle doesn’t seem to stop creating innovative things in their hands. This time, it’s called “Google’s Friend Connect”.

In one sentence (I hope I can get this right), it brings readers’ attachment and interactivity to your site/blog.

And of course, it will also bring traffic, if used correctly (this should get your attention :))

Google Friend Connect is still in beta and not accessible by public yet. You can however, register your interest and praying that you’ll be selected to test and try this new free service from Google.

Here is a video about what Google’s Connect is all about:

To register your interest, simply go to Google Friend Connect’s official page.

Google Friend Connect

What I want to know, how useful can this be on a WordPress blog? We have extensions, plug-ins and probably almost all that have been mentioned on the video (except maybe for the Facebook’s part).

Until I can get an invitation from Google, I guess I can’t really say a word or make any presumptions.

However, this is definitely a great service for non-blogs’ site owners.

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