A new Theme.. Do you like it?

As you may have noticed (if you come to this blog often), there has been a change of theme, from the “brown-ish” look to “gray-ish” look now :) There are still a few tweaks here and there before I can get it 100% right. However, there are only minor things, hopefully.

I’m still using a FREE theme, at least until I can get enough $$ from this blog to purchase a personalized theme (they can cost quite hefty!). I like the theme, except that it only has 2 columns and has the “Weight Loss” and “Beach Resorts” links at the bottom of the site :(

Anyways, please provide some feedback on the comments. Is it too whitey? Is it too dull? Is the font readable? Etc.

Thanks for coming and loving this blog. Because of you, I have fallen in love to it as well! I hope this fresh change makes you love this blog even more :)

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