Google URL shortener without using the Google Toolbar

Google URL Shortener service

As we all know it, Google has its own URL shortening service called At the moment, you need to have a Google Toolbar in order to use the URL shortening service. However, with a Firefox extension called “ lite”, you’ll be able to use without having to install the Google toolbar!

How to use Google URL shortening service, without installing Google Toolbar

  1. Go to lite extension page.
  2. Download and Install the extension.
  3. Add the extension icon to your toolbar (Right clicking on the Firefox toolbar area and choose “Customize”)
  4. Whenever you want a URL to be shortened with, click on the icon to shorten it.

Unfortunately this extension doesn’t seem to work on my Mozilla Firefox 3.6 Beta 5. Can someone confirm that this extension works on Firefox 3.5?

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