Home Gaming Get this amazing Overwatch Mercy Skin while donating to a good cause

Get this amazing Overwatch Mercy Skin while donating to a good cause

Blizzard Pink Mercy

Blizzard has partnered up with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation by releasing a new Blizzard’s Overwatch Mercy skin to the community.

The skin is not free, however, but all money will 100% be donated to help working toward a cure for breast cancer.

The skin, called “PINK MERCY”, is available to purchase as of now until 22nd of May AEST and will cost A$21.95. To those who play Overwatch (check our review here), this skin is not just a recolour, but a full blown, new skin (like a Legendary skin) and if you check the animations and everything, you’ll see how much work and effort have been put into this skin.

According to Blizzard: “Overwatch players will be able to support crucial research around the world. This includes projects currently taking place in Australia, such as new clinical trials and the creation of a large biobank of specimens for better risk prediction.”

There are also sprays and player icons to be unlocked, and even a Pink Mercy charity shirt to purchase.

Pink Mercy Sprays and Icons

Pink Mercy Shirt

To Overwatch players, this skin is definitely a buy – I have just bought it myself too to support the good cause.

Mercy Donation

Get the Overwatch Pink Mercy Skin here

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