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Moshi Aerio Messenger Bag Review – I’ve always carried an extra messenger bag whenever I travel by plane. Obviously, it’s used to carry my laptop and all other gadgets that I wouldn’t be stowing in my luggage.

Thanks to all these gadgets I’ve been reviewing and using, so far there hasn’t been a messenger bag that suits my, ahem, geeky needs.

Moshi Aerio messenger bag is definitely the answer to my growling issue with the messenger bags I own (about 4 of them). The ones I’ve used in the past normally would have a small, secure compartment for a laptop and the other to chuck everything else. That might become a problem if you decide to also carry a tablet with you, along with your headphones and other fragile gadgets. Or they don’t look somewhat fashionable.

Moshi Aerio Messenger Bag-1  Moshi Aerio Messenger Bag-2

Sure, the Samsonite Viz Air Plus that I’ve reviewed in the past has lots of protective compartments in different areas, but it’s a laptop bag – which is kind of bulky and looks like, a laptop bag.

Moshi Aerio, on the other hand, looks stylish and modern. It’s lightweight (weighs 930 grams) and does not feel bulky, though quite large in size to accommodate a 15″ laptop within. It’s made with premium water-resistant fabric and vegan-leather trim, with padded shoulder strap. The bag has a top handle which I love, where you can quickly grab and place the bag on a tray next to the airport’s X-Ray scanners, for example. Or when you just need to carry it around for a short period of time.

Moshi Aerio Messenger Bag-3 Moshi Aerio Messenger Bag-4

The rear trolley strap attaches nicely to a rolling luggage, making it even more relaxing to queue during the airport check in without a shoulder ache. A lanyard is hidden inside the rear pocket for attaching keys (which I’d normally throw in randomly inside my bag when I travelled overseas). Thanks to Moshi, no more fishing for keys with your fingers at the end of your trip.

Moshi Aerio Messenger Bag-5

A small zippered pocket on the front flap can be used to store stuffs that need a quick access without having to open the flap up. Passport and a boarding pass work great here – or an entrance pass.

Moshi Aerio Messenger Bag-6 Moshi Aerio Messenger Bag-7

On the inside, Moshi Aerio does not disappoint either. First of all, the laptop compartment has plenty of padding and secured with Velcro. My Samsung Ultrabook fits in well happily.

Moshi Aerio Messenger Bag-8

Moshi Aerio Messenger Bag-9 Moshi Aerio Messenger Bag-10

Moshi Aerio Messenger Bag-11 Moshi Aerio Messenger Bag-12

There are tons of pockets and compartments that pretty much can take anything you are planning to carry with during your travel. In my case, it normally involves the Plantronics BackBeat Sense headphones, a portable charger like the Moshi IonBank 3K 2016, iPad Air, charging cables, and a laptop mouse. With those in, I’m quite amazed that there are still lots of space available to put more stuffs.

Moshi Aerio Review Conclusion

Moshi Aerio Messenger Bag-13

I really love the Moshi Aerio Messenger Bag, which offers plenty of space to all my essential travel gadgets. The Aerio is like a laptop bag, but without the looks of a boring laptop bag.

The team at Moshi clearly knows what we want out of a travelling messenger bag and it’s shown on all the essential features we can find on the Aerio: lightweight, stylish looks, plenty of pockets of different sizes (including what kind and where), and also comfortable to hold and carry.

Definitely recommended if you value style, comfort, and usefulness with a touch of fashion.

Moshi Messenger Bag

Moshi Aerio Pros

  • Stylish looking messenger bag
  • Lightweight
  • Plenty of pockets and compartments at the right places
  • Water resistant
  • Versatile: Rear trolley strap (when you carry a luggage), padded shoulder strap (when you have it on your shoulder for a long period of time), top handle (when you need to place it on a surface)

Moshi Aerio Cons

  • Probably too large for those who just want to carry a tablet or a smaller-sized laptop

Disclosure: A review sample was supplied for reviewing but all opinions are mine

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