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Windows 7

Here are some facts of Windows 7 that I got from my contact at Microsoft.

Windows 7 has been sold for more than 240 millions licenses (that’s about more than 7.6 copies sold every second!). This makes Windows 7 the fastest selling operating system (OS) in history!

Let’s have a look at more fun facts, such as how many Windows 7 users have opened the start menu, how many applications got pinned to the taskbar, and other fun statistics.

In less than one year, Windows 7 has reached over 17 percent global market share* and as of September, Windows 7 is running on 93 percent of new consumer PCs.

Some fun Windows 7 stats:

In the last month alone, Windows 7 users have…

  • Opened the start menu 14,139,925,439 times
  • Used Aero Snap 150,957,478 times
  • Used Aero Shake 20,555,528 times
  • Used jump lists 339,129,958 times
  • Pinned 12,643 unique applications to the taskbar and start menu
  • There are 2,346,828 Windows 7 PCs that support touch interaction
  • Terabytes of data synched between PC’s and the cloud: 500+

And as for businesses, in just five months, the number of IT Pros recommending Window 7 surpassed that of Windows XP. Today, nearly 90 percent of companies have already started their formal migrations to Windows 7.  From Enterprises to small businesses, from electronics to cupcake shops, companies are underway with their Windows 7 deployments.

From The Microsoft Windows 7 team

*According to Net Applications as of 1 October 2010

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