Free Microsoft Certification and a laptop bag, sort of..

windows mobile certificate

Get a free laptop bag from Microsoft by becoming a certified Windows Mobile Specialist! All you have to do to earn your Windows Mobile Specialist certification (and the laptop bag) is to complete their online courses on Windows Mobile 6.1 and pass the final test.

The courses explain the basics about Windows Mobile (and the new Windows Mobile 6.1 Operating System) and contain useful information that is good to know if you have a PocketPC mobile device. There are about 6 courses in total.

windows mobile test

After you’ve been confirmed that you’ve passed all the courses (usually by taking a short quiz at the end – in which you can retake until you get all answers correctly), you will be given the final quiz that will cover all of the things that you’ve learnt from the courses.

As before, you can re-take the final quiz over and over until you pass a certain mark in order to get your Windows Mobile Specialist certificate + the free laptop bag.

windows mobile specialist 2009

Afterwards, you can choose the bag that you would like to have:

windows mobile certificate rewards

I was so excited at the end of the test and noticed this disclaimer when I tried to claim my reward:

This site was developed specifically for use by retail sales professionals who sell Windows Mobile devices at a retail location. You must provide proof of employment to receive your rewards. Each person can have only one account. Any deception is considered fraud.

ARGH! I feel so stupid! A good lesson to take a step back when something is offered for FREE and really read the terms and conditions properly.

So, don’t do the courses + the test unless if you are working in a retail shop selling mobile devices. It’s still good to take the courses and quizzes though if you really want to learn more about Windows Mobile 6.1 (or if you want to get the electronic certificate – or you can simply get my screenshot and change your name with an image editor)

Learn more about the reward and the courses here (You need to have a Windows Live ID account).

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to try finding a good Windows Mobile 6.1 ROM for my PocketPC device, the HTC P3600i.

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