Fireworks photos with the iPhone 11 Pro Max

My wife and I went for a 2-week holiday in Japan and we managed to visit the Kumamoto area to see the “Hanabi Taikai Kumamoto”, a 2 hour exhibition of fireworks.

Armed with just my iPhone 11 Pro Max without any stabiliser or gymbal, I took a bunch of photos (and videos) with just the phone handheld. Note that both the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max have the same camera and capabilities.

Results are quite amazing for a handheld device, but of course they look much more amazing on a phone screen and not that appealing on a larger screen (i.e great only for social media shares). But still, for a quick tap and shoot, these are great for memories.

Japan Fireworks Photos taken with iPhone 11 Pro Max/iPhone 11 Pro

They are unedited, JPEG version I grabbed from the phone. Click on the photo to enlarge to its original size:


My own review on the iPhone 11 Pro Max is still coming, so stay tuned and follow me at Twitter or Craving Tech Instagram channel.

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