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Felix HoldTight Case Review – For quite some time now I have been looking for a high quality iPhone 6 case with a cardholder at the back. Seeing people tapping on and off public transport without having to take out their card seems like an efficient thing, but most of them are using wallet-style type of cases that are just not to my liking.

There have only been a few in the market, and whilst most are quite beautiful (thus well priced), not many give the ability to customise your case. Unlike Felix Holdtight.

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Felix Holdtight is a streamlined iPhone 6 case that comes with “rubber bands” that you can add and remove from the detachable back panel, which has three vertical columns and four horizontal rows, allowing you to put on as many or as little as you’d like.

To make things even more fun, Felix also sells expansion packs that come with another detachable panel (comes in black or white) and bands of various colours (blue, red, purple, pink, etc).

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When installed to an iPhone 6, the back panel gives an indent space for at least one card and can still lie flat on a flat surface. Of course, the rubber band allows you to add more cards. I added four cards on my 1-band configuration and it still looks very decent.

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Again, this rubber band design is absolutely a genius because you can obviously place other things besides cards — unlike some cases that are built for cards only. The website suggests a number of things, such as money, pens, tickets, and even earphones — basically, anything you can think of.

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The case does not cover the camera or any of the buttons and ports, so all are accessible with ease. The only minor issue (and I am being quite harsh here) would be that the bands could easily gather dust particles due to its material.

Disclosure: Sample was sponsored for the review but all opinions are mine.

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